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Decisive Leadership: The ER as a Training Ground for Physician Leaders

Leana Wen, the health commissioner for the city of Baltimore, describes how she uses her experience as an emergency physician to drive her leadership


Eyes on the Prize: 3 Traits for Mission-Focused Leaders

Tracy Carter, vice president of government relations for MetroHealth in Cleveland, shares the skills that leaders need in a time when Medicaid and Medicare face funding threats


From Calling the Shots to Consensus: Physician Leadership in the Real World

Accomplished surgeon SreyRam Kuy survived the killing fields of Cambodia and an explosion in a refugee camp to become one of the VA's top leaders.


A Benchmark for Success: Executive Succession and Leadership Development

A look at executive succession and how it can help attract and retain top talent from Furst Group/NuBrick Partners CEO Bob Clarke and NuBrick Partners Managing Partner Joe Mazzenga


Leveraging the Science of Assessments: The Final Competitive Advantage?

An in-depth look at the use of assessments in executive search and leadership team development from Furst Group/NuBrick Partners President Sherrie Barch and NuBrick Partners Managing Partner Joe Mazzenga


Developing Physicians to Become Organizational Leaders: A Holistic Approach

Furst Group/NuBrick Partners CEO Bob Clarke and NuBrick Partners Managing Partner Joe Mazzenga offer practical, realistic tips on developing clinical leaders to become organizational executives


What Does Leadership Look Like?: Celebrating Diversity and Exploring the Challenges with Top Executives in Healthcare

A compilation of our interviews with some of healthcare’s top diverse leaders


The Ethical Leader: Practical Tips on Decision-Making

Furst Group CEO Bob Clarke and President Sherrie Barch provide thoughtful and candid advice on leadership for healthcare CEOs and boards of directors


The New Change Agents: Redefining Leadership to Position Your Organization for Healthcare’s Future

A six-part series, originally published in Trustee magazine, that offers insights from some of healthcare’s top leaders on the pressing issues facing then industry today.


Trustee magazine: Improving population health requires diverse governance

Furst Group’s Deanna Banks and Joe Mazzenga, along with leaders at major healthcare entities, examine how diversity at the board level is essential to solve population health and other critical issues


Trustee magazine: The delicate art of succession planning

Succession planning is critical for managing organizational risk, yet organizations sometimes shy away from a necessary practice