Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity increases access to opportunities, produces better business results, and increases talent retention and employee engagement. Furst Group is committed to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) through strategic, systemic change, developing pathways for access and exposure, and establishing processes, tools, and metrics that encourage authentic transformational leadership.

We are recognized for our long-standing, demonstrated track record of successfully recruiting diverse leaders because we have been committed to advancing DEI long before it was given the appropriate attention. Recent results show that 56 percent of our placements were diverse, and 93 percent of our candidate slates had diverse representation.


DEI Institute

MPI’s DEI Institute was developed to drive systemic change by focusing on several distinct areas that ensure our own organization actively builds upon our culture of inclusion and belonging. We hold ourselves accountable and engage our colleagues in active dialogue around our DEI principles and values. Specifically, we measure our progress on increasing diverse representation within our own teams and in our search delivery outcomes with clients. 

See our commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Additionally, MPI lives out our commitment to DEI through active involvement in the following:


Modern Healthcare & Furst Group: A winning combination

For more than a decade, we have supported the Modern Healthcare Women Leaders and Diversity Leaders programs, as well as the Women Leaders in Healthcare conference, because we believe these events highlight and underscore the need for more purposeful, intentional, and sustainable efforts in diversity, equity, and inclusion.

These programs invite leaders to gather from across the industry to inspire and motivate each other. We embrace the power of connection and the impact of our shared voices, ideas, and experiences. 

Challenges for leaders and boards

Many organizations desire to develop or maintain a diverse workforce, but few fully understand that it requires a multi-faceted strategy focused on recruitment, retention, leadership development, promotional advancement, and mentoring to make it a reality.

Leaders and boards must be willing to look beyond a candidate’s ability to merely line up with a job description and also strategically assess candidates based upon professional competence and future potential. Yes, there are some innate risks in that for a leader, but taking risks is part of what leadership is all about.

Secondly, for a diversity strategy to be successful, it must have metrics that are linked to leadership’s performance incentives.

Our experience with and sensitivity to these issues help our clients make strategic and sensible hiring decisions.

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