Navigating the Future of DEI in Healthcare After Affirmative Action Reversal

Learn ways to continue advancing DEI in healthcare after the Affirmative Action reversal in our virtual panel discussion with Diversity Leaders honorees...

Learn ways to continue advancing DEI in healthcare after the Affirmative Action reversal in our virtual panel discussion with Diversity Leaders honorees...

This insightful panel discussion with Diversity Leaders in healthcare honorees addresses meaningful ways to continue progress as diversity becomes more polarized post the Supreme Court decision on Affirmative Action. Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the future of DEI in healthcare while driving business performance and cultivating a more inclusive, engaged workforce.  

virtual panel with 6 diversity leaders in healthcare discussing how to navigate the future of DEI in healthcare after the affirmative action reversal

What we do for ourselves is temporary, but what we give to others lasts forever.  – Delvecchio Finley, FACHE

2020 and 2021 brought much-needed attention and action to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts. However, these gains have faced a significant setback due to various legislative actions. The Supreme Court's reversal of Affirmative Action, followed by the introduction of bills in several states to restrict DEI efforts, has regressed progress in many ways.

It is crucial to understand how the industry can navigate these obstacles and uphold its commitment to advancing DEI strategies without giving in to the prevailing backlash. Healthcare is a vital part of society, and its success depends on embracing DEI. While many organizations are pulling back, successful healthcare teams are stepping forward, recognizing the pivotal role of inclusion and equity for all in the communities they serve. 

Furst Group and NuBrick Partners partnered with five recently honored Diversity Leaders in Healthcare for a virtual panel discussion aimed to help you navigate the future of DEI in healthcare post the political headwinds. Together, we tackled several thought-provoking questions and shared ways to champion DEI in healthcare, leaving hundreds empowered to continue and accelerate progress during this crucial time. 

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Panel Discussion: The Future of DEI 

Our virtual panel, “Navigating the Future of DEI in Healthcare,” is an insightful one-hour conversation that delivered meaningful ways to continue progress as the topic of diversity, equity, and inclusion has become more politicized in the wake of the Supreme Court's reversal of Affirmative Action. During this discussion, you will discover innovative strategies to continue advancing important DEI initiatives through the creation of impactful goals and policies and the importance of measuring accountability around these objectives to create sustainable forward momentum.  

Moderated by our principal, Deanna Banks, our panelists provided key takeaways focused on tangible action, offering practical advice and strategies to continue fostering diversity and addressing inequity and inclusion in the healthcare industry.

Panelists included: 
•    Nkem Chukwumerije, MD, MPH, FACP, President & Executive Medical Director, Southeast Permanente Medical Group and
       National Physician Lead for Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity, Permanente Medical Groups
•    Delvecchio Finley, FACHE, President, Atrium Health Navicent
•    Lisa Mallory, PhD, Chief Executive Officer, National Association of Health Services Executives
•    Adrianna Nava, PhD, RN, President, National Association of Hispanic Nurses, Research Scientist, National Committee for Quality Assurance
•    Marcos Pesquera, R.PH, MPH, President & Chair, National Association of Latino Healthcare Executives and
       System VP, Community Health, Chief Diversity Officer, CHRISTUS Health

Their combined expertise offers a rare and timely opportunity to discover how successful organizations continue to drive business performance and cultivate a more inclusive, engaged workforce for all, even amidst the stigmatization of DEI.

The Heart of Inclusion

The audience found common ground in the belief that the heart of healthcare is improving equity for the overall community. In this session, leaders revealed that getting to the heart of healthcare is the driving force, motivating more individuals to champion DEI programs.

Panelists explored that a shift in mindset is required around the meaning of DEI, shedding light on the essence of inclusion. This sparked an insightful discussion of how to reframe the topic of DEI to promote a more holistic approach for even its harshest critics. Additionally, the leaders shared research that reveals how language is pivotal to generating organizational support and participation. 

How to Improve DEI in Healthcare

Imagine a workplace where you feel safe and supported, and equity abounds within the team and communities you serve. Innovative ideas flow from one department to the other, and colleagues are inspired and authentically engaging with one another. This is the culture that the panelists have cultivated across organizations and envision for healthcare leaders ready to embrace DEI as an engine of acceleration. Throughout the webinar, they delve into tools to help generate cross-functional buy-in from other leaders, government entities, and organizations to overcome apprehension about DEI initiatives. 

In this discussion, panelists unraveled narratives that showed allyship in a new light. By understanding the traits of a great ally or advocate, leaders can find tremendous success in building bridges for others to cross and generating buy-in and support from the Board, senior leaders, and professional organizations. 

Multiple leaders revealed strategies they are currently employing within their teams to recruit authentic leaders and maintain a diverse workforce post the Affirmative Action reversal. Education is key to ensuring your leadership continues to reflect the vast diversity of the communities served.

DEI Challenges and Benefits 

The Supreme Court's reversal of Affirmative Action has prompted healthcare organizations to reevaluate their DEI strategies. This paradigm shift demands introspection, evolution, and a steadfast commitment to creating inclusive environments. It's crucial to recognize that diversity is an outcome, not a standalone objective. It is intricately woven into the fabric of healthcare's core purpose—to serve and enhance the well-being of the entire community.

The event went beyond passive listening, empowering attendees to reshape their views and understand the mutual benefits of embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion. These benefits extend beyond individual organizations to positively impact the surrounding communities.

This conversation is a testament to the unstoppable force of DEI when everyone works together. The exchange of ideas left hundreds of participants motivated and equipped to drive meaningful change. Access the virtual panel discussion to find inspiration and gain valuable insights into advancing DEI across your healthcare organization and community.

Resources: Investing in DEI Initiatives 

Beyond the webinar, the resources shared by the panelists below include direct engagement opportunities with their professional organizations. 

Whether you aim to support initiatives within your team, work with executive recruiters who value DEI, or connect with professional associations, these resources will enhance your efforts and understanding of DEI in healthcare as the industry navigates this critical moment. Tune into the discussion and explore these resources for actionable takeaways. Together, we can continue transforming healthcare.

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