Healthcare Executive Search

At Furst Group, we are in our 4th decade of providing executive search and consulting services for the healthcare industry. Our experience in evaluating talent, leadership and culture helps companies align their organizations to execute their strategic initiatives. Our relationships, processes and attention to details put a premium on service excellence and client satisfaction.


Our mission is simple: We are here to transform leaders and their impact on the world.


Our talent and leadership solutions provide a comprehensive array of retained executive search and integrated talent management services, from individual leadership development to executive team performance to organizational/cultural assessment and succession planning. As one of the leading firms in our field exclusively focused on healthcare, we provide a depth of understanding and analysis that our clients find most beneficial. We identify, assess and develop optimal talent to implement your vision, mitigating risk as you build and strengthen your leadership team.


Furst Group’s deep roots in all facets of healthcare enable us to guide organizations through the challenges of integrated talent management in the post-reform era. Our clients include hospitals and health systems, managed care organizations, medical group practices, healthcare products and services companies, venture capital- or equity-backed firms, health insurance companies, integrated delivery systems, and end-of-life care businesses.


The opportunities and challenges in healthcare have never been greater than they are today. And that is why the acquisition, development and retention of talent have never been more important. There is no such thing as a perfect candidate, but our job is to make sure we find the most perfect fit – the best candidate for the role, your culture and your organization.


The business of healthcare requires specialists; the business of people requires specialists, too. Very few executive search firms specialize, like Furst Group, in healthcare, an industry that is rapidly changing on an almost daily basis. But executive search is more than simply filling an opening. Adding a new executive requires a thorough understanding of the performance and dynamics of your leadership team. One new addition will clearly impact the team around him/her.


Because we understand your business, we can help you assess the overall fit of the executive in your culture. We work to align our clients’ talent strategy with its business strategy. We focus on blending new talent with the leadership team to create a maximum impact on your organization.


Our record of finding, assessing and developing optimal talent for our clients is one that we are proud to compare with anyone. Our clients trust our insight on all facets of organizational leadership – from the initial creation of a position to reporting structures, core competencies and compensation. We are experienced in providing real-time market information as well as generating greater corporate self-awareness of leadership gaps and strengths to help our clients make informed decisions related to the acquisition, alignment and assessment of leadership talent.