Healthcare Services and Technology

We have worked with innovative healthcare services and technology companies from our beginning. As the industry underwent huge transformation at the start of the dot-com era, individuals from the companies for whom we were working became the new entrepreneurs, creating the nascent services and technologies that have now transformed healthcare.

Our experience is both broad and deep. We work with leading organizations across the service spectrum—pharmaceutical management, disease management, data and electronic medical records services, medical devices, and more.

We bring a two-fold advantage to our clients: we understand the corporate cultures of nimble, disruptive organizations that are moving rapidly; and we bring a reality-based understanding of their customers’ worlds. We know the leaders of their customers’ organizations, what’s important to them, and how their organizations operate. Always respecting confidentiality, we bring these unique insights to the table to help our clients shape their search criteria and acquire leaders who excel in growth-oriented environments.

We provide talent that fits our clients’ unique cultures and who bring the vision to achieve operational excellence, drive short- and long-term growth, and in many cases, achieve market dominance.