Leadership Development

Clients appreciate our ability to add value to their vision and tangible tools for their talent as they develop, retain, and deploy their leadership teams.

From guidance on assessment and organizational structure to navigating transition and managing change, we recognize that talent needs are not simply episodic or transactional. And from physician leadership and succession planning to board installation, our integrated, systemic approach to executive talent focuses on leadership development and executive team performance at all levels of an organization. Our expertise builds cohesion and high-performing enterprise leaders.

As demand has grown for these services, our consulting has grown into a full-fledged sister company, NuBrick Partners, which works alongside Furst Group to address emerging needs of our healthcare client organizations, which include BJC HealthCare, Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago and Adventist Health System. Please click here or on the logo to visit the NuBrick Partners website.

NuBrick Partners

NuBrick Partners Suite of Services

Executive Team Performance

The high-performance team is the last and best competitive advantage that organizations have. When the team suffers from a lack of trust or alignment, sporadic transparency, inefficient debate or dialogue, performance suffers. NuBrick Partners provides straightforward counsel and proven expertise to optimize collective success. Through our proprietary methods enhanced by our consultants’ insight and action, we partner with your individual team members to:

  • Assess individual style, core beliefs, and strengths to build awareness and appreciation for self and others (EQ development).
  • Cultivate high-impact learning experiences through facilitated experiences with the team supplemented by 1:1 coaching.
  • Create authentic and meaningful team charters and metrics, including scorecards to measure progress.
  • Surface conflicts in the broader enterprise or culture that may hamper team effectiveness.
  • Develop actionable goals and implementation plans.

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Executive Development

Once considered a luxury, executive development is now widely recognized as a game-changing investment to accelerate the effectiveness and impact of an organization’s top performers. Through our proven blend of assessment, coaching, learning events, and opportunities for feedback, our clients report much-improved results in the fundamental best practices of leadership effectiveness, including:

  • Increasing self-awareness around personal style, leadership strengths, and challenges.
  • Providing candid and directive feedback to increase leadership and managerial effectiveness.
  • Evaluating and sharpening levels of emotional intelligence.
  • Identifying and removing interpersonal behaviors that impact leadership effectiveness.
  • Accelerating overall influence, impact, and performance of the leader from their functional area to a broader enterprise-wide context.

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New Leader Installation

When onboarding leaders who are new to your organization, it can take months for them to acclimate. Our new leader installation process uses a data-driven approach to transition leaders into new roles, accelerating their integration and ability to drive results.

Our installation method leverages assessments to facilitate a series of dialogues that assist in setting expectations and surfacing style differences, barriers, and other obstacles sooner, which allows you to build a strong foundation for productive, effective relationships. This process is tailored to the role and responsibilities of the new leader by identifying key stakeholders to success and developing an awareness of the challenges that they may face in these relationships. Working through these challenges provides a basis for establishing effective communication and ground rules on how you will make decisions and work through conflict.

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Succession Management

On average, CEOs spend 46 percent of their time on talent issues, and that’s for a good reason–the cost to replace an executive is roughly four times the cost of their salary. On the upside, investing in people has been shown to have a tremendous payoff in the areas of employee engagement, innovation, cultural affinity, and customer loyalty. Beyond the strengths, skills, and experiences that come to life on the job, those less-tangible qualities and attributes that fall into the leadership competency bucket are a more accurate barometer of sustainable success. Talent management at the Board and CEO level includes the following services and many more:

  • Executive/Director assessment and selection
  • CEO/Board Consulting
  • Executive and Board Installation
  • Culture development and alignment during M&A

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Diversity Equity & Inclusion

Our community of leadership consultants leverages a range of complementary skills and expertise to guide individuals, teams, and organizations toward maximizing their full potential. This work involves increasing emotional intelligence, which develops psychological safety and creates the opportunity for improved diversity, equity, and inclusion within the organization’s culture. Our leadership development success is based upon several key principles:

  • Building trust
  • Creating an open and safe environment to be vulnerable
  • Increasing self-awareness
  • Demonstrating curiosity and accountability
  • Delivering and receiving feedback in a candid and respectful manner
  • Addressing the “head and heart” with objective data and investing the time to understand everyone’s personal story

To create lasting behavior change, NuBrick Partners utilizes a multi-faceted approach to development that is not event-based but rather requires ongoing engagement, observation, learning, review, accountability, and refinement.

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Accelerated Physician Executive Leadership

In this new era of value-based care, physicians who understand the business are more vital to healthcare organizations than ever.

Making the investment to thoughtfully and effectively assess and develop physician leaders will be seen as a critical measure and potential game-changer to increase physician engagement, buy-in, clarity, and stability during times of continuous change and growth.

The rigor of this engagement is built on the back of accountability and measurement. This process does not simply inform—it creates leaders. Physician leaders leave this experience appreciating the impact, relevance, and privilege of leading, as well as the science driving their leadership success.

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