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Why we love what we do, Part 1

By | July 22 nd,  2011 | Blog | Add A Comment



The true meaning of healthcare can sometimes get lost beneath the necessary distractions of governmental agencies, provider and payor budgets, accountable care organizations and health insurance exchanges. But every once in a while, we get a poignant reminder about why we are involved in this great industry – to find and develop the best leaders possible so they in turn will build organizations that make a difference in people’s lives.


This week’s example comes from Madison, Wis. We were first tipped to it by Fierce Healthcare’s Twitter feed. The Wisconsin State Journal reported on the recent nuptials of pediatric surgeon Taryn Bragg, M.D., who held her wedding at American Family Children’s Hospital so her young patients, past and present, could attend.


Hope Elliott, 5, a former patient, gave her own diagnosis: the bride looked "cute."


“This is exactly what I wanted,” Bragg told reporter Patricia Simms. “They are a part of my life, and they are a part of my happiness. That’s what today was all about.”


For more of the heartwarming story – and more photos – read the Journal story here.

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