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Industry Report: Impact of Digital Transformation on the Patient Life Cycle

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Impact of Digital Transformation Industry Report Cover

In a series of interviews with senior executives and thought leaders from around the world, IIC Partners, Furst Group and other members of the IIC Partners’ Healthcare and Life Sciences group, provide an anecdotal look at the impact of digital technologies on healthcare organizations and how it affects patient care.


The insights gathered during these interviews deliver a comprehensive look into how advances in technology are digitizing the industry, and subsequently changing the talent requirements and overall landscape.


Read and Download: IIC Partners' Industry Report on the Impact of Digital Transformation on the Patient Life Cycle


Outside of the IT department, many organizations are redefining leadership structures and the types of roles needed to help bridge the gap between data and performance. Some of these modified and newly created roles are:

  • Chief Digital Officer
  • Chief Medical Information Officer
  • Population Health Liaison
  • Data Protection Officer
  • Chief Performance Officer

In addition to exploring the influence on talent management, the report explores the impact of digital transformation on several other aspects of the patient life cycle, including:

  • Patient-Ownership of Health Data
  • Growth Drivers in Population Health Initiatives
  • Evolving Skillsets for Providers
  • Development of Telehealth Programs
  • Cultural Shifts Required for Digital Adaptation

Are you finding similar challenges and trends in your organization? We’d love to hear your thoughts below in the Comments section.


Find out how others are experiencing this impact in the full industry report, “Impact of Digital Transformation on the Patient Life Cycle.”


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