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Search Insights Report: UC Davis Health – Chief Strategy Officer

By | May 28 th,  2020 | Healthcare Executive Search, Search Insights | Add A Comment

UC Davis Health partnered with Furst Group to find a Chief Strategy Officer to continue moving the organization forward by advancing its focus on building stronger community partnerships and affiliations. As a leading national academic health system, UC Davis Health is ranked among the Top 10 medical schools in the United States, the Top 30 for medical centers, and the Top 50 for schools of nursing.

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Mapping the Role


Defining success is an integral part of identifying the ideal candidate profile. Beyond the description of the position itself, it is important to develop a deep understanding of the culture and the needs of the organization, while also considering the specific factors and support needed for the executive leader to achieve the desired outcomes.


For UC Davis Health, success was crucially dependent on finding a strategic executive who had the competencies and operational experience to design and execute a new clinical strategy within the distinctive pace and cadence of an academic health system and subsequently drive the evolution of the organization’s culture over time.


Navigating the market


Strategy executives are in high demand. These leaders, however, are acutely decisive when considering their next opportunity. Employing an intentional, informed approach to the market allowed potential candidates to match their style to that of the organization in several key categories, including risk tolerance, agility, and propensity to innovate.


Slate Dynamics


The strong partnership between Furst Group and UC Davis Health provided a solid, targeted approach to the competitive Chief Strategy Officer talent market and produced a highly dynamic candidate slate that included leaders with for-profit experience in complex markets and varied experience in all facets of academic institutions, as well as high-potential candidates ready to step-up in their careers. Click the link below to view the report for statistics and insights: 

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Installation and Onboarding


Within many of our C-level searches, we embed our sister company, NuBrick Partners, from the start to assist with the selection and installation of the new leader. NuBrick’s expertise in leadership development and executive team performance minimizes the potential disruptive impact of transitioning a new leader into an organization. It also accelerates the leader’s immersion and cohesion into the culture and the team, translating into higher success rates and reduced time to results. Review the Search Insights Report for more information.



Search Insights Series: Chief People Officer for BJC HealthCare

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Furst Group recently had the privilege of partnering with BJC HealthCare in their search for an executive leader to serve as their new Chief People Officer. As one of the largest nonprofit, integrated delivery healthcare organizations in the country with a goal of being the national model in patient advocacy, clinical quality, medical research, financial stability, and employee satisfaction, BJC HealthCare was looking for an experienced, transformational HR leader to serve as a strategic partner on its executive team.


Led by Furst Group Vice President, Jessica Homann, this search would not only replace the retiring CHRO, but also redefine the role to support the evolving needs of the organization. By leveraging the unique market insights of our team, along with the role design intelligence of our sister company, NuBrick Partners, we were able to define a solid talent success profile to identify, attract, and assess ideal candidates.


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The position required a forward-thinking, innovative and strategic HR leader. We explored various approaches to contrast the roles and objectives between a Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO) versus Chief People Officer (CPO). This allowed our client, BJC HealthCare, to make informed decisions about the type of contemporary leader they needed and how that executive would integrate into their current organizational structure to bring critical value to their immediate and long-term initiatives.


Sharing the insights we captured during our interactions with the market is part of our commitment to providing an exceptional client and candidate experience. View the infographic below to find out more about the market trends and role design insights that came out of this search including:

  • Key differentiators between CHRO and CPO roles and objectives
  • Titles and educational backgrounds of candidates
  • Unique experience that 73% of candidates had acquired
  • The strong diverse candidate representation we were proud to bring forward

New call-to-actionAs the search concluded, BJC HealthCare was able to make informed decisions about the type of contemporary leader they needed, and how that executive would integrate into their current organizational structure to bring critical value to their immediate and long-term initiatives. They chose Jackie Tischler as their new Chief People Officer.


“The opportunity to partner with BJC and their outstanding executive leadership on the design and recruitment of this role was phenomenal. Jackie’s strong background in transformation and innovation will enhance the team and the overall success of their organization,” said Furst Group Vice President, Jessica Homann.



Search Insights: Akron Children's Hospital CHRO Search

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When going to market with any search you need to be armed with some background and expertise on how to find the best talent, but you also learn some things along the way. These insights help refine the search goals and expectations, which provide direction for tactics within the search itself, but also help develop and align your long-term talent strategies for future success. 


Challenge: Akron Children's Hospital was looking for a CHRO to join their executive team as a true strategic partner. Their ideal candidate was someone who is:

  • Knowledgeable about the industry and competitive intelligence
  • Adept at understanding the strengths of and challenges faced by each leader and team within the organization
  • Able to use this knowledge and understanding to drive strategic change and alignment between the overall business goals and the talent strategy

Akron’s definition of an ideal CHRO is not unique, but in our experience more than 30% of healthcare organizations still have not adopted this vision of executive team effectiveness. It’s also interesting to note that a large majority of those that have adopted this vision still struggle to fully empower their CHRO to excel in these crucial areas.


During this search, we learned a lot about the CHRO candidates and the talent market that we thought you might find interesting and helpful too. The infographic below tells you how many candidates had master's degrees, how many were sitting CHROs, how many of the candidates were ethnically diverse and much more! Click on the image to view all of the insights: 




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