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Search Insights: Akron Children's Hospital CHRO Search

By | July 19 th,  2018 | Search Insights | Add A Comment

When going to market with any search you need to be armed with some background and expertise on how to find the best talent, but you also learn some things along the way. These insights help refine the search goals and expectations, which provide direction for tactics within the search itself, but also help develop and align your long-term talent strategies for future success. 


Challenge: Akron Children's Hospital was looking for a CHRO to join their executive team as a true strategic partner. Their ideal candidate was someone who is:

  • Knowledgeable about the industry and competitive intelligence
  • Adept at understanding the strengths of and challenges faced by each leader and team within the organization
  • Able to use this knowledge and understanding to drive strategic change and alignment between the overall business goals and the talent strategy

Akron’s definition of an ideal CHRO is not unique, but in our experience more than 30% of healthcare organizations still have not adopted this vision of executive team effectiveness. It’s also interesting to note that a large majority of those that have adopted this vision still struggle to fully empower their CHRO to excel in these crucial areas.


During this search, we learned a lot about the CHRO candidates and the talent market that we thought you might find interesting and helpful too. The infographic below tells you how many candidates had master's degrees, how many were sitting CHROs, how many of the candidates were ethnically diverse and much more! Click on the image to view all of the insights: 




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