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Poll: Employers 'not counting on' repeal of healthcare reform

By | February 8 th,  2011 | Blog | Add A Comment

The Society of Human Resource Management just released its latest poll today on how organizations are responding to reform. Here's what SHRM research director Mark Schmit had to say about the findings:


"A majority of organizations are not counting on repeal. They are seeking guidance and moving forward to make sure they comply with the law." The poll also showed a "growing number" of firms have decided not to drop healthcare coverage for employees.


Furst Group CEO Bob Clarke views the poll as a positive for healthcare leaders. "There is a general attitude among our clients that reform, in one way or another, will continue to move forward. And, as such, they have a focus on moving forward versus waiting to see what happens. Based on this survey, it appears that employers feel the same. This results collectively in a more positive attitude about the business climate. It is the uncertainty in the business model that has been so disruptive."


Clarke said the news is welcome to all sectors of the healthcare industry. "This certainly is good news to payers as there will be more people enrolled in health insurance plans. And it's good for providers -- more people with health insurance means more elective procedures, less charity care and healthier reimbursements."

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