Kevin Reddy

Kevin Reddy


Kevin Reddy is trusted by his clients to address C-suite leadership needs in their organizations with a special emphasis on population health, safety and quality.

He has provided leadership in the emerging space where traditional payer and provider roles are blending into a contract and reimbursement system that is focused on patients and outcomes throughout the continuum of care. He is known for advancing the ability of healthcare organizations to move to true population health management.

Kevin has worked with several of the world’s leading healthcare associations and service providers with a focus on medical education, certification and accreditation. He has broad experience working with organizations to accelerate the transformation of undergraduate and graduate medical education. Through his work with an international accreditation organization, he has been instrumental in recruiting dozens of physician leaders to a team that emphasizes patient safety and quality training in graduate medical education.

In more than 25 years of experience, he has worked equally across the payer, provider and service sectors of the healthcare industry. Kevin has recruited leaders for three of the leading national Medicare and Medicaid payers; the CEO for a leading national PBM; and multiple regional health plans, hospitals and health systems. In addition to engagements for publicly traded companies, he has conducted searches for privately held firms and several organizations funded by venture capital and private equity investors.

Prior to joining Furst Group in 2002, Kevin was an executive for a pharmaceutical and medical device placement firm. Along with recruiting professionals to expedite clinical trials for pharmaceuticals and medical devices, he was responsible for developing and implementing systems and processes to attract and retain talent both internally and for his client organizations.

Kevin’s knowledge of leadership and talent makes him a valued interview subject for a variety of industry publications, including Modern Healthcare. Kevin earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing Education from the University of Illinois.