Faith-Based Healthcare Providers

Furst Group is in its 4th decade as an innovative leader in executive search and consulting for healthcare organizations. On the provider side, 29 percent of our searches have been accomplished for faith-based health systems and hospitals. Furst Group has worked with many of the largest faith-based health systems in the country. We share your mission to provide excellent care for patients and communities.

We understand the issues that faith-based organizations are facing, such as:

  • The move to value-based care
  • Administrative shift to lay leadership
  • Community benefit capabilities
  • Physician partnerships to improve overall patient experience

Here are a few facts about our firm and our process:

  • Exclusively focused on the healthcare sector, with more than 3,000 successful engagements.
  • Proven success in diversity – in the last 12 months, 69 percent of our candidate slates have had minority representation, resulting in 19 percent of placements.
  • Exceptional ability to quickly understand and internalize the client’s culture and values in order to ensure the right “fit” when recruiting for a strategic leadership position.
  • A stellar track record in the retention rate of placements. Our candidates provide stability and loyalty in addition to high performance.
  • A top performer in client satisfaction ratings. Furst Group “far exceeded expectations” or “exceeded expectations” of our clients in 15 categories, from understanding client’s organization to consultant’s knowledge and availability, to the value received from the investment in the search process.