Celebrating Leadership

    Published in Modern Halthcare

    By Sherrie Barch and Bob Clarke

    This year’s Diversity Leaders represent individuals and organizations whose outstanding efforts have truly made a lasting impact on the healthcare industry. These phenomenal leaders are being honored for their unshakable commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. They recognize and understand the value that each of us brings and acknowledge the diverse tapestry of identities within their communities and workplaces.

    At the heart of their success lies a dedication to inclusive leadership. These leaders have set an inspiring example by consistently seeking and valuing diversity of thought—welcoming and cultivating authentic voices in every conversation. They have nurtured a culture where everyone’s distinctive gifts are not only shared but celebrated.

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    The honorees have shown a commitment to addressing challenges head-on, and their courage is beyond inspirational. For more than a decade, we have supported the  Diversity Leaders and Women Leaders programs, as well as the Women Leaders in Healthcare conference, because we believe these events highlight and underscore the need for more purposeful, intentional and sustainable efforts in DEI.

    In celebrating diverse leaders, we are not just acknowledging their achievements; we are also acknowledging the progress of society as a whole. Despite headwinds, these leaders have persevered. Their dedication serves to guide us toward a future where diversity, equity and inclusion are not just ideals but lived realities.

    Let the many leaders who have achieved this honor be your inspiration. Show them their tireless efforts have not been in vain. Seek out the moments they create. Step up and push forward with them. Create pathways for change and enact meaningful support in ways that go beyond your own experiences. Practice conscious inclusion in every interaction and every conversation, no matter how challenging.

    Conscious inclusion is a mindset that battles otherizing and must be entrenched and ingrained into the fabric of our organizations and cultures. Only then will we, together, create a world that values everyone, no matter our gender, the color of our skin, our preferences, or orientations. This is a place of vulnerability and trust where our authentic selves shine brightest. Congratulations to these exceptional leaders whose efforts have illuminated the path forward to a more authentic, equitable and inclusive world.

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