A Labor of Love: Everyone’s Work

Published in Modern Healthcare
By Sherrie Barch and Bob Clarke


These terms no longer describe the invisible work of women. They describe the work of everyone. The work of humans. The work of leaders. And this work is far from invisible.

The world has been disrupted, and rather than pick up the pieces to put them back together, we are reconfiguring and starting anew. Change happens one decision at a time and challenging the status quo doesn’t come easy. We must remain mindful and present in every moment to push ourselves and those around us to create, embrace and drive sustainable change.

This year’s Top Women Leaders grabbed hold of disruption and embraced risk amidst the chaos. They carved new pathways, and when others were knocked back, they stepped forward with courage and mental fortitude revealing that resilience is more than a state of mind; it’s a way of life.

These leaders know that out of the ashes of disruption comes an opportunity to build something new. Their clarity pulled us forward out of despair and shoved us, lovingly and compassionately, into a new era where complacency will not be tolerated and where action is irrevocable.

Creating pathways for change requires meaningful support in ways that go beyond our own experiences by consistently seeking and valuing diversity of thought—welcoming and cultivating authentic voices in every conversation. For more than a decade, we’ve partnered with Modern Healthcare to honor women and diversity leaders in healthcare, because these programs serve a crucial role in highlighting purposeful and intentional efforts to embed diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging in real and very tangible ways creating lasting, positive impacts.

Conscious inclusion is a mindset, a practice driven by empathy that must be entrenched and ingrained in every moment. Empathy fuels understanding and compassion that ignites our humanity and propels us into a place where we all feel safe no matter our gender, the color of our skin, our preferences or orientations. This is a place of vulnerability and trust where our authentic selves shine brightest and where together we illuminate the path forward with empathy, compassion and love.

Change is everyone’s work.