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Honoring the Top 25: Diverse executives lead the transformation of our industry

By | February 19 th,  2016 | Blog | Add A Comment


From the new issue of Modern Healthcare:


By Bob Clarke and Sherrie Barch


We are always proud to help our friends at Modern Healthcare salute the best leaders in our industry as part of the Top 25 Minority Executives in Healthcare, but the honors seem even more pertinent this year, and the need for diverse governance more urgent.


The issues that are making headlines and gripping our nation these days point clearly to the need for leaders with diverse viewpoints and experiences to help us arrive at viable solutions to our most pressing issues. This is true of many spheres, from government to law enforcement to healthcare.


In our own industry, population health is more critical than ever. We talk to many executives, like the ones we are honoring in 2016, about how they are working to find innovative answers to disparities of care. As healthcare organizations move further upstream into their communities to promote wellness and prevent readmissions, we see leaders who understand that we need to disrupt ourselves.


These new industrial revolutionaries of healthcare are choosing collaboration over competition. They are putting the patient at the center of care. In places where living within a certain ZIP code usually means a shorter life span, they are laser-focused on education and support for children to prevent a lifetime sentence of poor health and high costs. In areas where the greatest healthcare need is housing for veterans, they are getting their neighbors off the streets.


Today’s leaders are ranging far afield of acute care to make a difference. By necessity, healthcare leadership is moving to transform care and traditional cost models. The 25 executives profiled in these pages – and the up-and-coming People to Watch – are thriving amid the reformation, and showing the industry and our country what can happen when diverse perspectives coalesce into smart decisions and innovative policy.


Please consider joining us in person at the Modern Healthcare Top 25 gala on June 8 in Chicago to congratulate these vital and inspiring leaders.


Bob Clarke is CEO and Sherrie Barch is president of Furst Group and NuBrick Partners, the companies of MPI.



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