Healthcare Executive Search and Talent Solutions for Non-Profits and Foundations

    At Furst Group, we understand the unique challenges faced by non-profit organizations and foundations in the healthcare sector. Finding exceptional executive talent who aligns with your organization's mission and values is crucial for driving positive impact and achieving long-term success.

    Our specialized healthcare executive search services and talent solutions support the nuanced and specific needs of non-profits and foundations. With proven experience and a deep understanding of the complex landscape of the healthcare industry, as well as the intricate dynamics and requirements within the non-profit sector, clients value the unique vantage point we deliver.

    Why Choose Furst Group?

    1. Extensive Industry Expertise: Our team of experienced healthcare executive search consultants possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the healthcare field. We stay up to date with the latest industry trends, regulations, and best practices to ensure we identify executives who possess the necessary skills and experience.
    2. Tailored, Concierge Approach: We recognize that each non-profit organization or foundation has its unique culture, mission, and objectives. Our approach is customized to your specific needs, ensuring we find candidates who not only have the requisite qualifications but also resonate with your organizational values and goals.
    3. Vast Network: Over four decades, we’ve curated a vast network of high-caliber healthcare executives, industry leaders, and professionals, as well as executives and leaders from outside of healthcare through the networks of our sister companies—Salveson Stetson Group and NuBrick Partners. Leveraging our extensive connections, we tap into this network to identify and engage with top talent, even those who may not be actively seeking new opportunities.
    4. Rigorous Data-Driven Assessment Process: We employ a rigorous screening process to assess candidates thoroughly. Our consultants conduct in-depth interviews, reference checks, and comprehensive background evaluations to ensure that only the most qualified candidates progress through the selection process.
    5. Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion: We believe in fostering diverse and inclusive leadership within non-profit organizations and foundations. Our search strategies emphasize attracting a broad range of candidates, ensuring representation and bringing fresh perspectives to your organization.
    6. Long-Term Partnerships: With more than 70% client retention, we aim to build lasting partnerships with our clients. Our commitment doesn't end with the successful placement of an executive. We provide ongoing support, ensuring a smooth transition for the appointed candidate and offering guidance throughout their tenure.

    Talent Solutions

    • Executive Search: We conduct thorough searches for C-suite executives, senior-level management, and other key leadership roles within your organization.
    • CEO Succession: We assist in identifying and developing internal talent, ensuring a smooth leadership transition for the future.
    • Board Search: We help identify and recruit experienced board members who possess the necessary expertise and can contribute significantly to your organization's governance.
    • Organizational Assessment: Our consultants provide comprehensive assessments of your organization's leadership needs, helping you develop a strategic roadmap for attracting top talent.
    • Leadership & Team Acceleration: Building cohesive, high-performing teams within non-profit organizations and foundations is critical to fostering effective communication, collaboration, and trust among team members. Along with our sister company, NuBrick Partners, clients find our ability to help your teams align, leverage individual strengths, and work together toward executing and achieving shared goals.

    Partner with Furst Group when you need exceptional healthcare talent solutions to drive your organization forward. Together, we can make a significant and lasting impact on the healthcare landscape. Connect with us to discuss your unique needs. 


    • Executive Search & Talent Solutions
    • Board Search & Board Services
    • CEO & C-Suite Succession
    • DEI
    • Private Equity & Venture-Capital


    • Chief Executive Officer and Board of Directors
    • Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity
    • Financial Officers and Audit
    • Human Resource Officers
    • Legal, Risk, and Compliance
    • Operations Executives and Supply Chain
    • Clinical Leadership and Clinical Chairs
    • Technology Officers
    • Marketing, Sales, and Strategy Officers