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Over the years, as a source for building diverse teams, we have written articles and curated resources that help us add value to conversations throughout the healthcare industry. Below you will find these resources, as well as others that we will be adding in the future.

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Article: Diverse teams deliver innovation, success and profitability.

Commitment to diversity is a sound business practice. In fact, the evidence from many studies indicates organizations that are committed to diversity in their leadership ranks are better run and more profitable than those that aren’t. Whether you lead hospitals, health insurers, or healthcare services corporations, it’s simply smart business to have a variety of experiences and intellectual expertise around a leadership table where decisions are made. Companies that don’t heed this business practice face a very real risk of being left behind in the rapidly changing world of healthcare.

According to a Harvard Business Review article by David Rock and Heidi Grant, diversity is a reliable engine for innovation. They point to a British study that shows "businesses run by culturally diverse leadership teams were more likely to develop new products than those with homogenous leadership."

In addition, a study of Spanish organizations demonstrated that "companies with more women were more likely to introduce … new innovations into the market."

Why is this so, beyond the obvious reason that decision-makers at diverse companies bring a plethora of experiences to bear when making decisions? Here’s another, less-known factor: Studies reveal that diverse leadership teams rely more on … Read the full article here.

Recognition: Top 25 Executives in Healthcare

2018 will be our 10th year of supporting Modern Healthcare with its awards and programs honoring diverse leaders by sponsoring their Top 25 Minority Executives in Healthcare and the Top 25 Women in Healthcare bi-annual awards, as well as the annual Women Leaders Conference.

Please consider nominating a colleague for the Top 25 Minority Executives in Healthcare. In addition to the primary awards, Modern Healthcare’s editors will also select a secondary group of honorees called Leaders to Watch.

The Top 25 are selected through an editorial committee put together by Modern Healthcare. While Furst Group and NuBrick Partners do not influence the selection, we encourage you to nominate all deserving leaders.

Click here for more information on the program.

Each year, we conduct in-depth interviews with selected honorees to bring you insights into their success in career and life. Find these interviews and more on the past winners on our Top 25 Executives in Healthcare page.

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