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Below you will find several articles and links to additional resources surrounding the topic of Diversity and Inclusion. These topics include supporting diversity and inclusion, developing divers teams that can deliver innovation, success and profitability, as well as reports on the current status of diversity in the workplace.  


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Women Leaders in Healthcare

Since 2009, Furst Group has been proud to sponsor the Top 25 Women in Healthcare awards for Modern Healthcare. We also sponsor the Women Leaders in Healthcare conference for MH. Study after study demonstrates that diversity in leadership, be it ethnic or gender, produces organizations that function better, more closely mirror and represent their communities, and generate more profit.


Simply put, the future is diverse. In our work, we experience that reality every day as both a statistical fact and an operational imperative. A diversity of thought and experiences produces better outcomes.


In the next 10 years, about one billion women are expected to enter the global workforce. What kind of culture do we want them to create? According to the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT), gender-diverse businesses not only perform better financially but also “demonstrate superior team dynamics and productivity.” Many of the CEOs and boards we interact with daily yearn for such outcomes at their own companies.


Teams with an equal number of women are well-rounded. The NCWIT also cited a Lehman Brothers study that revealed “gender-balanced teams were the most likely to experiment, be creative, share knowledge and fulfill tasks.” That’s a great recipe for innovation.


All of this, naturally, leads to a better bottom line as well. A recent study of 22,000 publicly traded companies around the world by the Peterson Institute for International Economics found that companies with more women executives simply performed better financially. This concurs with other research. In fact, McKinsey notes that $28 trillion could be added to the global economy if women played an equal role to men in their organizations.


These are all important reasons to support women leaders. They are building diverse teams who are nimble, responsive and innovative – teams willing to take risks to improve healthcare for all of us.


2018 Top 25 Executives in Healthcare

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Innovation. Success. Profitability.

Diverse teams deliver.

Over the years, as a source for building diverse teams, we have written articles and curated resources that help us add value to conversations throughout the healthcare industry. Below you will find these resources, as well as others that we will be adding in the future.

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Article: Diverse teams deliver innovation, success and profitability.

Commitment to diversity is a sound business practice. In fact, the evidence from many studies indicates organizations that are committed to diversity in their leadership ranks are better run and more profitable than those that aren’t. Whether you lead hospitals, health insurers, or healthcare services corporations, it’s simply smart business to have a variety of experiences and intellectual expertise around a leadership table where decisions are made. Companies that don’t heed this business practice face a very real risk of being left behind in the rapidly changing world of healthcare.


According to a Harvard Business Review article by David Rock and Heidi Grant, diversity is a reliable engine for innovation. They point to a British study that shows "businesses run by culturally diverse leadership teams were more likely to develop new products than those with homogenous leadership."


A recent study by researchers from North Carolina State University and Portland State University found that corporations with policies that value women and minorities "are more innovative, value intangibles and human capital more highly, have greater growth options, have higher cash flow, and have stronger governance." In addition, the study demonstrated that diverse companies weathered the recent U.S. recession more easily.


Why is this so, beyond the obvious reason that decision-makers at diverse companies bring a plethora of experiences to bear when making decisions? Here’s another, less-known factor: Studies reveal that diverse leadership teams rely more on … Read the full article here.


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